Tickets can be purchased either in presale or at the door.

People with presale tickets don’t have to wait in line, there is a separate entrance at the venue.

Presale tickets are  available till April 1st 2018.

Children under the age of 12, if accompanied by an adult, have free admission.

Admission prices:
Day card:
€ 17.50 per person
2-day card:
€ 30 per person

Presale prices:

Day card:

€ 13.50 per person incl. Fee

2-day card:

€ 26.00 per person incl. Fee

Opening hours: Saturday 21-04-2018

9:00 for Pre-Sale visitors

10:00 Cash register sales

22:00 Closing

Sunday 22-04-2018

9:00 for Pre-Sale visitors

10:00 Ticket sales

21:00 Closing